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Default Re: Question about taking your own photos?

Originally Posted by bcarson View Post
I don't pretend to be a good photographer. I do own dslr and I have photoshop, that I have never used. lol! I have fun pairing up with some photographers. But I begin to think. Why couldn't I do some myself. I don't want to make any off the pics. I would give them a cd, for the price of the cd. I don't care if they print them ect... The only think I would worry about is them posting them on the net and some nut stealing them. I would have to figure out how to mark them.

Do you all do this? I just am trying to figure out if I could pull it off I guess and the ends and outs. I wouldn't be adverstising my photography skills. kwim.

I've done this twice with close friends. I got 4 very cute models, some decent pictures for both them and me, and got to spend the 2 days with my friends So, for me it was a win-win situation. I am not a photographer by any means! but it worked. I marked the ones that I use on my page and I put them all on a cd, with extras that I didn't exactly want to use but I thought they were cute pics for the families. I figured they are their pics so what they do with them is really there choice.

I have worked with one photographer and it was an ok situation then, but later on she placed a very large order, wrote me a bad check... I had to basically chase her down to get some money, not even what she told me she would pay me... so my outlook on photographers is not so good
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