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Default Re: Lil' Hiccups Boutique

Thank you for this post. It seems several of my comments were taken out of text. I have tried to communicate privately and since I do not know this person myself, needed to know if anyone else was in any was disappointed. That was the intention of the post, I never once said she "stole" instructions from anyone, just that I, personally, was disappointed. I was not "bashing" anyone. I apologize if this was taken the wrong way by ANYONE.
Originally Posted by BlessedMom View Post
You have been on this forum a few months. In that time you should have seen that if you are dissatisfied with a product from another HG, that unless she intentionally sold you a bad product or cheated you, it needs to be dealt with in private. You implied that she was not using any of her own techniques and that she was just copying ideas from other people. Just in the future, think about how you would react had the situation been reversed or if someone was implying that about your friend. Sometimes things come off more harsh in a post than we mean them to and yours kinda came off harsh, even if you didn't mean it that way.