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Default Re: Lil' Hiccups Boutique

I haven't purchased Daisy's Tut yet, but plan to! IF it helps me, GREAT, if not, I will continue on! I do however have to say that Daisy, along with Ronnie, and many others have helped me tremendously with any questions I may have. When I ask for an opinion I get their opinion. I may not like/agree with it all the time, but it is what I asked for. If you take things lightly these women can be of a great service. There are other people on here who have sent me their Tut's FREE, just for me being polite and respectful. I hope that this thread was well intended and some are just having a bad day. That's the one thing I like about HG forums. NO DRAMA!!! We respect one another and help in ANY way possible.
Snazzy, I hope things get better for you! Have a good day and God Bless!