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Default Re: Lil' Hiccups Boutique

Originally Posted by snazzy teez View Post
wow..I seem to be getting the same disrespect from this board as I got from her via email. I never once said that her instructions were bad, or that she was scamming anyone, I stated my opinion that they were not what I was expecting. If this is the way members are treated, I want no part of HG.
Okay because I think almost everyone on here knows me and knows that the way you are saying I am sooo rude/disrespectful is NOT LIKE ME! I don't want to go as far as posting emails to prove anything because I don't like that(unladylike)...although you are more then welcome to if you feel it necessary.

Like I said through email it is your opinion. You bought a product and I delivered I don't know how you would like me to remedy this??