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Default Re: Lil' Hiccups Boutique

Originally Posted by snazzy teez View Post
Thats not the problem at all...I have seen every one of her TUTs on free instructions elsewhere, and I have the NBNG TUT and templates, was just expecting more for the price I paid...guess I'm just outta luck!!!

I have paid $30 for another set that were not worth buying and had less. That is the way it is. You said you bought previous ones in the past. So have I. Some were more detailed than others. My reason for buying all of them is because there is always something different and each little detail can make that big difference in my technique. You may think her tuts was not worth the money because it is "basically" the same as you already have seen on other free or paid for sites. You have to look at it as if this was the first time you were looking at a set of instructions and I have to say they were worth the money and on here I have seen a huge positive feedback from many who were struggling. Some people can make bows with a tut and some people are just more challenged and need to try harder. Eventually they end up getting it.