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Default Re: Lil' Hiccups Boutique

Originally Posted by snazzy teez View Post
hmmm...apparently I am the only one who was a bit disappointed with what was received for the amount paid. After seeing this one, since I have seen all of the instructions she included in free TUTs, I would not have paid so much for this. She did a fine job of demonstrating, but was not up to my expectations. I have had a hard time communicating with her since, and I believe she got the wrong message from my email.
Her tut was probably the most basically written one I have seen in a long time. I buy tons of tuts just to see them and hers were pretty simple. The price was suitable for what she provided in there. The big thing is many peope think that the tuts aren't working for them. They are all is just a learning curve that only you can master on your own. You can pick up tips here and there on forums like this one. Take a pic of how your bow is turning out and post it on here so people can help you.