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Default Re: Who sells the best OTT bow tutorial?

Originally Posted by saurey08 View Post
Well I bought a tut and I like it but I want more pizaz to them. I have the BBM templates so I made 70 something bows for a show I'm doing and I always draw a blank when it comes to finishing the bow.
This is where you need to use your creative thinking. That pizzaz comes from your thoughts. You can add marabou, appliques, mini bows on the loops, surround loops, alot of spikes, a few spikes, hay yarn, bottle caps, buttons. There is a list of options you can do. Color combos.....go to the store and see what color combos you see in clothing. Throw a bunch of crazy colors together with coordinating extras. There is a lot you can do to add just have to use your creative thoughts. Many are too scared or think they can't do it but you can....and when you do you will be really proud of what you came up with. It is your creation.
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