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Default Re: You have to see this flower!

Reminds me of when I started out on eBay and was doing mostly large, stacked, over-the-top bows on headbands for babies. I was happy to get $12 for them. One time I got a whopping $18! I was beaming with pride until I saw a woman who was getting....get this.....$50 bucks because she added more buttons, photographed it nicely in a professional studio, and had great graphics.

That's really when I decided I needed to "step up" my presentation! Of course I don't see anyone getting $50 for a layered bow on a headband with a few buttons now...this was back in 2007 before the recession, in what I'd consider eBay's boutique heyday....but I still thought it was kind of ridiculous that people spent that much!

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