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Default Ribbon rose e-book will be released this friday! YAY!

Hello everyone

I am so excited. Finally my ribbon rose ebook is done , it just needs a few final steps, get proofread the last time, some typos and some final touch for the format and get copyright registered. It'll be officially released this friday! YAY!

As posted in the hairbow gallery, my husband was one of my testers and he made a rose (just with the instruction and without me of course - photo is here and the two ladies who proofread for me will test it as well. I can't wait to hear what they say. But I am confident, as if my DH can make it, I think anyone can LOL . It took him about one and half hour but he is a man, I think once you've got the fold down , you can manage it in 5-7 minutes.

For the ebook you'll receive
More than 50 page in total with 156 photos.
(54 photos just for the rose fold, 29 photos for leaves, 39 photos for the parisien rose hair barette, 26 photo for my past rose bow/clip designs)

You'll learn how to make single rose

double rose

two-colour rose

diffrent types of leaves

formula and step- by step instruction to make the parisien rose hair barrette

I also include photos of my 26 past designs of rose hairbows/hairclip with short notes of how I made them (for your reference or if you want to recreate them- but I am not able to include instruction how to make individual design - and you'll need to have basic skills of bow making ), many of which were sold at $50/ a set of two

And I have just set up an yahoo support group for people who buy my e-books :-)

I am thinking of a price of $15 for the ebook with 2 weeks pre-sale $10 for my HG fellows and 11.99 for everyone else. I'll update here when it comes out.

Thank you so much my Hipgirl ladies for your inspiration!
Ribbon Sculpture and ROSE Instructions and More
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