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Default Re: photo shoot opportunity. Freaking out just a little!

I actually have done this with quite a few, or have plans too. I have this friend that I am doing it with. Then I have 2 other girls here in town. I have a tentative set up with the other girl to do something the following week. She also has one of my dresses now, and is supposed to photograph her dd for me in it. She is one, and super cute. I am not expecting that all the pics will be super professional. But it gives her some practice time and I get something in return.

The other girl I have just kind of an open thing with. She will call me when she has an appropiate client. She is doing a lot of weddings right now.

Then I have a sil in NC that bought some tutus from me. I gave her a deal, plus sent some goodies and in exchange she is going to do pics. She is awesome! I can't wait.

That's kind of how i have been able to do it. Just talk to people I know. I think even friends with cute kids and decent cameras would love to do it. lol!
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