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Default Re: I feel so committed...

Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
when I make rolled rose headbands on elastic or FOE!!!!! What size do you make them in general? I feel like if I make them a certain size, someone will invariable want the same roses in a different size band and I am stuck! Grrr.... I want to make them all on a clip on an adjustable headband! I can't get over this!
What size should I make my FOE??? What is your "go to" size???
I cut mine at 16.5" and then sew then fuse the ends with a wood burner. I used to sew mine but then I tried using a high temp glue gun to secure it and it worked nicely. I had dd pull on it the next day and she had a hard time peeling it apart. All she did was stretch the FOE because she used her feet and her hands to pull them apart.
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