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Default photo shoot opportunity. Freaking out just a little!

Okay a photographer friend and I have been trying to plan something for awhile. It was supposed to be are two 10 year olds. Well the girls weren't super excited, especially mine. She is way more into the design aspect then modeling. So my dd will be gone for the next two weeks. We decided to open it up and advertise it. However, that was Wed she asked me. She has rented some lenses and has to return them next wed.

Anyway long story short. When I looked last night she had 2 girls. This morning she gives me a list of like 8-10 girls. Okay great, but I don't have that much stuff made up! I mean, I have some tutu's and stuff. But if I really wanted to showcase my products. I would have outfits made up for each girl ect... I actually took some of my stuff to a store earlier in the week too! Okay, freaking out just a little. I will be gone until Sun morning, then I work all day Sunday and Monday. how will I ever do it???????

It's a great opportunity but just not very well planned. Yikes!
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