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Default Re: Help Please!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
Don't get rid of the can put it to good use making some rolled or folded roses. I would use the grosgrain for making bows though. I know you mentioned you have a Michaels but do you have a Wal Mart store nearby or a Joanns? For me it was much easier for me to work with stiffer grosgrain like the Offray Brand. Joanns and WM both carry this brand of grosgrain. I would start with 7/8" ribbon.

Learn the basic boutique bow first before venturing out to harder bows like the twisted boutique. If you have any questions let me know...I will be more than happy to help you through this.
Aw Ronnie thanks sooo much for offering your help I feel so much better now. Yes i have both Walmart and Joanns. Actually Walmart is closer to me than Michaels. i just thought that maybe i wouldve found the ribbon easier at Michaels, but if You say walmart has some, im going to check them out first Thanks again
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