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Originally Posted by bcarson View Post
so can you book like a certain photographer instead of the model? They are some photographers I would love to work with!
Yes, if the agency you're using has that option. I know Little Diamond Models has it. Not sure about the others.

Originally Posted by nikkigriffis View Post
Yes this is a great option too because photographers have access to alot of different ages. On a side note I don't know how the models afford to go to a professional studio to model all the items they get unless they have their own deal with local photographer. I'd be in the poor house If I didn't take my baby's pics.
I don't get it either. I personally think this modeling thing has gotten WAY out of hand. Every other baby is suddenly a model and every other mom is suddenly a photographer. Some of the photos are REALLY terrible. They're doing it for the free bows, and I feel like this affects our sales. I have people send me messages "oh, I love this bow; can I model it for you" SERIOUSLY?! If you love it, BUY it.
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