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Default Re: Please help! I have a question!!!

Originally Posted by tarynscreations View Post
Hi everyone! I am a newbie for posting, but have done my fair share of reading here the past month that I have signed up... You are all some TALENTED LADIES!!!!!!!! wowee!

I have a question and I was hoping that someone could help me out a bit. I am in the midst of making some of the corkscrew (korker) ribbons (not sure what the correct terms are!) and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. I know how to curl them and have even learned about starching from here, but I was wondering about sealing the ends? I had been sealing mine with a lighter/ candle, but found that they were burning sometimes and I had to redo a bunch. I then came on here and learned about the fray chek stuff and bought it and I really like it.

My question is this... When do you seal the ends? Do you do it before the ribbon is curled? Do you seal the ends as you make each individual hair bow, or do you make a bunch of ribbons at a time? I realize that it is a tedious process, but is there any way to make it go a bit faster for me? I was just wondering if any of you wonderful ladies has any tips on sealing ends that doesn't take hours upon hours!

Thanks in advance!

I wrap the ribbon around dowel rods, starch the ribbon on the rods, cook it, then after the ribbon's been cooked, I unwrap the starched ribbon from the rods and cut it then. I use a woodburner and cut my korker pieces approximately 2 1/2 inches long. I usually can get about 5 pieces from one dowel rod. When you use the woodburner, it automatically seals the ends, so you save a step! HTH
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