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Originally Posted by ERIKA_fAZ View Post
I have you Ellie Bean Moda Munchkin and other sites to book models-trade clothes for photos- and some of these models use professional photographers. So the parents/model get to keep the products we send and the photograph, what do the photographers get out of it? Are these models paying the photographers?

Im just curious
Some models pay photographers, others have a deal with the models and give them free / discounted shoots, because they are building a portfolio themselves and getting their names out there as well. I deal differently, I am a pro photographer and i use the girls i shoot for to model items for boutiques. I keep the items so that all the girls i shoot for can enjoy them, and i offer a discounted rate and 2-3 times the regular number of photos because they are doing me a favor.

They benefit by getting a discounted session and basically getting 2-3 sessions in one, all in new items that is unlike any others I've done.

I benefit because it expands my props / items to use for my sessions AND i still make some money to pay bills with. (Stay at home mom for a family of 5... love getting new things, but a hair bow doesn't pay the house payment lol!)

The boutique benefits because they are guaranteed great quality photos without guessing if the comp-card matches up with what they return you. Plus, you can't always tell a model's personality by their card, and I know all of my models on a more personal note and when knowing what age the boutique would like i can find them the most appropriate model for the style to showcase their work
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