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Default Re: Not really a how to but....

Originally Posted by bcarson View Post
I don't know but I definately understand what you mean. I personally plan on putting something up that says. I don't make these, but I can order them. Or something to that effect. It's just something I feel like I need/want to do. Not everyone has too. But I just don't like the akward questions. I would prefer to put it out there but also say something along the lines that all bows and tutu's are handmade by me. Now, I don't think I will advertise they are made in China. lol!

Personally my friends no I work full time. I have time to devout to tutu's and hairbows. I personally do not have time to do sculptures, korkers and headbands. But if I can offer them for a good price. I want too. I would think you would be safer asking someone here to make them for you, if you truly want it handmade.
No, for sure, I work 56 hours a week... I totally understand the GBs, and I have ordered tons of supplies from them. I just thought they were super cute and kinda felt like a doofus when I realized all 3 shops bought them from wherever they come from.... I still think I shall attempt them... I do other sculptures and I *think* I figured this one out... maybe...
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