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Default Re: Sharing a few of the photos from Haylee's Photo Shoot today! :)

thanks, ladies!!!!!

Originally Posted by JNice123 View Post
It didn't work for me until I logged in. She is a cutie, is she your daughter? Too cute I love the pics of her sitting in the 1st big chair. All of them are great. She looks like she must be a good baby to have taken such good pics and outfit changes I bet she took a good nap afterwards.
I didn't even think about that! but it makes since that you have to be logged in!!! - and yes, ma'am! She's my one and only daughter!

She's a VERY good baby.... usually very even tempered - on the way there, though - she threw a fit and we weren't sure it was going to be a good session... but as soon as we put her down in front of the camera - it was peachy from there! she did WONDERFUL considering she had 10 outfit changes... she actually had just woken up from nap before it. but yes. she was exhausted afterwards!
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