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Default Re: For those who have a disclaimer on their cards...

I haven't added this yet but but was discussing it with a few shop owners (brick and mortar) not long ago...some thoughts were that it would send up a red flag as far as law suits were concerned, as everyone was so "sue happy" these days and it would give consumers a "thought" TO SUE if their child actaully chocked on something(not my thoughts)and others thought it was a good idea and in compliance. I am still leaning very strongly to adding the warning to all my products on cards. Do y'all mind sharing how you worded your warning? I have seen something as simple as "Warning: small parts could cause a chocking hazard in children", to something very wordy about not for children under a certain age, use with supervision, and on and on and on that could take 15 minutes and a magnafying glass to read.

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