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Default Re: flip flops....what sells best?

Originally Posted by jos77 View Post
I just LOVE your korkers!! Since yours are used by your lil one and you see the "wear", can you tell me what type of glue/sewing or what not has seemed to work the best?
The glue was a disappointment I had glued ribbon on the straps but it didn't stay very well.

Originally Posted by Lilysmomma View Post
Maxine your korkers are beautiful!!! wish mine would turn out like that, but i cant seem to get them stacked right they always just v up in the middle..
Aw, thanks so much. You're sweet

Originally Posted by Dede View Post
Maxine, they all turned out so beautifully! Please share... how did you end up making the korkers interchangeable?
I followed the directions shown here. HTH Dede!
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