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I've made several here recently. In fact I had an order for 3 of them each had 10 ribbons apiece different types and I sold them for $7.00 each. First I measure my ribbon. These last ones were made for preschool (4-5 yr olds) children so I cut the ribbon 17 inches I think. I made my "V" cuts and sealed the ribbon. I arranged them how I wanted and thread my needle. I pick up the ribbon stack and fold in half. I find the crease and sew a few stitches through the stack in the center. I get my rubberband, place in center, fold ribbon over it and sew a few stitches. Be careful not to have the rubberband covered with too much ribbon because you want it to lay like it should, you want the ribbon to be able to hang nicely. After sewing a few stitches , I unthread my needle and wrap the thread around over the ribbons, and back through the rubberband several times pulling tightly. I then rethread my needle while holding the pony o and tie off my knot to secure. I use button thread some girls use upolstery thread. I cover the center with ribbon and viola it's a pony o. HTH. Sorry no pics. I make this cool stuff and sell it before I ever get pictures. LOL I think I can try to find one I made for my dd Charli and I'll post a picture later today.

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