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Default Re: Share a tip! (a feel good thread!) :)

A newbie here with a few tips (i just read the ENTIRE post, and no one has used mine yet!!)
1. I use wonder-under for several of my projects, so when I decided to try cheer bows for the first time I used the same trick I use for everything else...since you need high-heat to bond items well, and the heat will ruin lots of materials, including the sequin dots, i wet down a thin cloth and place over the item, then use my iron on high also keeps any debris left on your iron from getting on your ribbons
2. I made a display/organizer for my daughter's loose hair ribbons with a styrofoam ring...i cut strips of fabric with pinking shears, then wrapped around the ring, gluing and overlapping the ends...she uses thumbtacks or pushpins to attach her ribbons
3. Using the same idea above, when my ribbon rolls are almost empty, I take the scrap and push-pin it to a bulletin board so that I can easily see what and how much I have without digging!!!

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