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Default Re: Need some idea help!

Originally Posted by michelbenitez View Post
Google it...

I find all this images:

Good luck!!!!
Yeah I had already Googled it (why is that always the answer here, like no one would have thought of that on their own). The customer doesn't want a tutu dress and the rest of those images are of mostly yellow/yellow & blue combinations which I'm already doing. I was trying to think of something to add to the tutu that has SB on it. Thanks for the link though.

Originally Posted by cackysanda View Post
They have either 5/8 or 7/8 I can't remember which ribbon at Walmart...
I remember seeing it maybe a year or so ago but neither of the 2 Walmart stores near me seem to carry it anymore. They didn't even have a spot for it that was empty. I'd really prefer something thinner but 5/8 would do. I also checked Joann's, Michael's and A.C Moore and none of them have it either. Those are the only craft stores we have around here.

I've never printed my own ribbon but maybe I'll have to figure it out.
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