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Default Re: What kind of insurance do you have on your camera?

Originally Posted by stang96mj View Post
The purchase price was 1799.

I'd buy it! I am a HUGE fan of Best Buys Black Tie! (well, on everything except computers)

DH and I both have iPhones. Black tie for those are $15 per month, which is more than what it would be to have it through ATT. BUT if I drop it, they replace it FREE and give me a loaner phone until I get a new one. I've gotten our phones replaced 3 times and never had an issue.

Now, for computers its another story.... I have an HP laptop. For a one year black tie was gonna be like $300. And they try to fix it before they give you a new one. I'd have to take it to Best Buy and then they keep it for like two weeks. Instead I got insurance through HP directly and instead of taking it somewhere, they send me a box to ship it to them (for free) and they have it back to me within a week.

So if you can get it for $70 and they replace it for free if it breaks over the next 2 years, I say thats a really freaking good investment.
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