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Default Re: Anyone use RIT dye on frayed flowers?

OK, this is how pageant clothes are "dyed" so that everything matches perfectly. Mix apple barrel paint with textile medium and water in any container that you don't mind ruining. The size of the container and amount of water/paint/textile medium depend on the project you are doing. I was doing pageant dresses so I used a round Rubbermaid type tub most of the time but when doing small lace trims and chiffon flowers I would just a metal mixing bowl. You use 2 parts paint to 1 part textile medium and then add water. Also the less water you use the brighter the color will be. The amount of paint/medium/water depends on what color you are shooting for. You can also mix the paint colors together for a custom color. The textile medium is what stops the fabric from getting stiff due to the paint. You have to mix the paint/medium/water very well to get rid of any paint clumps. Then dip your fabric into the mixture. If you get a darker paint spot just rub it with your fingers to blend it in. Then squeeze the water out of the fabric using an old towel and throw them in the dryer. I usually used a lingerie bag for smaller pieces. WARNING: This will get paint on the inside of your dryer but it is very east to wipe out when you are finished. Some people prefer to let their fabrics lay flat to dry overnight because they do not want to have to wipe out the dryer. Once it is dry if the color is not as bright as you want just repeat the steps. I don't normally throw my paint mixture away until I am completely finished with the project.

Let me know if you need any other information about this method.

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