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Default Re: Feather Shoe clip....

I used an earring clip to make a pair for a friend for her wedding. I turned the clip upside down so that the underside of the clip that would be resting on her foot was the round circular piece,which would really be the front if used for an earring, and the backside with the flange spring section that has a narrow square edge was the top of the clip, where I put the flower on. I was afraid the narrow square edge would cause discomfort to the foot if I used the earring clip face up. I was also able to sew it for extra security that way. If you google shoe clips there are several sites that sell unadorned shoe clips. They are quite inexpensive and if I do any more I would order those, I was just asked to do this pair at the last minute and couldn't find them in the stores. Perhaps a shoe repair shop might sell them, if you can find such a shop anymore.
You could also use a piece of grip type medium that everyone uses on the inside of their hair bows so they do not slide out of the hair for security on the shoe clip and to prevent it from marking the shoe.
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