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Default Re: how to do the multi layer on bottom

Originally Posted by bcarson View Post
Seriously, your tutu spoiled? Your like my idol. lol! I have the tuts to the spikes, but yours and others that I have seen that have lots of layers to it. I don't know if I am making since. But yes, that is what I want to know. Wow, I had no idea. You need to link your page, your awesome.
That link takes me back to my page....meaning my personal page. I wasn't able to view the link.

There are several ways to do them and to be honest I don't have a set way. I always change it depending on the bow I am making. If you are using a lot of spikes trying faning them out the way you want them to be and then use your wood burner to fuse the ribbon together so it stays. I make two at the top and one at the bottom (this is when I am working with marabou) that way there is not so much bulk in the center.

The bow in my profile I just used a needle and thread and placed each center of the spike through there and fanned it out the way I wanted it to look. Then I creased the center and secured it with the thread and knot at the end. I have a fan page but it is not open to the public right now and my old business page was a personal one that I no longer use. Currently all of my orders are from word of mouth and that has kept me plenty busy. I had to cut back because I could not keep up with demand and be able to keep time balanced with my family, which is my biggest priority.

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