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Default Re: Anyone use RIT dye on frayed flowers?

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
Ok I chose the sink method but did almost boiling hot water into the sink. The lavender turned out light in some spots and darker in others. Right now I'm doing pink.

I did dye some FOE and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! no lighter/darker spots. All the same color I will keep experimenting with it. My Joanns is far so I ordered fushia online. Beats driving there. I will keep experimenting! Now to tie dye FOE. Yes, I have NEVER tie dyed anything in my life. Should be interesting!

Thanks for the link Vanitha!
you are welcome. sometimes the purple does that to me. you have to mix it really well before immersing the fabric.
I use rit for skinny elastics. The black rit gives me grey color, the dark brown makes is a weird combination for every color i mix.
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