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Default Re: OMG! Somebody Stole my Pics!

Originally Posted by briellasnana View Post
Yep it came from our site!

I would take off our logos, as long as they are really a customer of ours and just ask permissioin.

Thanks gals for looking out for me! I feel really bad, because this is a customer of ours, but we hadn't given permission to use our pictures, especially not my beautiful grand baby, we are way too protective over her!
I am so honored that anyone would even want to use my pictures! LOL
We now have an agreement on which pictures she can use. I am giving her some without our company logo, that will certainly look much nicer!
I am feeling bad that I don't have a page with "customer permission" photos. I wish it was so fast and easy to take pictures and edit them, but I guess we need to get on the ball and do this.
Taking a bad situation and trying to turn it for good for all of us!
you are handling this with such grace. i admire you
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