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Default Re: how to line, a crochet tutu top? or other ideas?

Originally Posted by kimmit326 View Post
LMAO, i would hardly call myself a seamstress, lol. I wanted to line tops so i went and bought a sewing machine that day and made my first one, trust me i'm a novice among novices, I'm actually working on putting a tut together for tutus and included will be instructions on how to line the tops, but its REALLY easy, it was a lot of trial and error, mostly just error on my part because i have/had no experience what so ever. sorry, i'm still laughing that someone would think im a good seamstress

Well, anyone who can even use a sewing machine is a good seamstress to me lol. I have one, but usually only get it out when I sew with my mom. I just always get it jammed up, don't do the bobbin right ect...I will look forward to the tut
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