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Default Re: Anyone ever use this???

Originally Posted by alibug View Post
I also had a hard time with tiny bows. I made some small bows using 3/8" ribbon. They are about the width of an alligator clip or smaller (maybe about 1.5" wide). It took me forever cause I couldn't get the cute fold in the middle and it would fall apart as I was trying to tie it. Anyway, somebody gave me an awesome idea. Before you are ready to make your cute creases use an alligtor clip (double prong) in the middle to hold it in place. Use a needle and thread and poke a hole in the middle of the bow. Bring the needle around the top and through the alligator clip and pull to make the crease! I poke my needle through once or twice again and tie! So much easier and now I can make them pretty fast...
i had never thought of that....what a marvelous idea!!
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