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Default Feather Shoe clip....

Ladies - I could use your help good friend's sister is asking for my help with this - she posted this picture on her FB page and I commented about how much I like the button. She asked me a sincere question if I could help her - "Jen, since you work with clips, can I ask you a question? I used a earring clip to hold this on, but it wasn't tight enough around the shoe. Do you know where i can order different types of clips to try out to see what would work? Or maybe suggest one that would work?.. I'm looking for something removable, I want to be able to make a clip and add it to any shoe. Something that won't damage the shoes and will be sturdy so it won't come loose and fall off."

Can anyone lead me in the right direction with this - I do not work with anything like this. Would really love some opinions. Thanks Girls!

~ Jen ~
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