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Default Re: Check out this FB for your photos!

The ? remains..does she have permission from every shop to use their photos...I think we've established dream spun and also the baby bloomer pictures were used w/out permission...and she has stated that she got some photos from general searches...

If your reading all our posts...then I'm talking to you.
So we get it...we get that your new to bow making (maybe) and you are probably a creative person and have some talent to make things..and I understand it takes alot of money and time to make every single color combination, style of every kind of bow, headband, hat, tutu, dress ect out there ...I get that you want to show all your customers the potential things you can create...I get that we all do..but the problem remains that it isn't right to steal photos ...just to show that you can re-make something...if you do have wholesale accounts w/all these boutiques then buy the bow from them and retake your own creative photos instead of using theirs..I mean it takes 2 seconds to snap a picture. But taking pictures just to advertise items that you can potentially make is wrong...

Build your biz like everyone else little by little step by have to create things of your own to get anywhere in this biz..dont' ride the coat tails of the ladies that have worked hard and have long established their business and take their photos also!!! That is wrong wrong wrong!!

and another thing..dont' back peddle if you know your in the wrong by pointing fingers at everyone else...just come clean and start wouldnt be deleting all these comments if they weren't hitting home w/you..!!!
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