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Default Re: Check out this FB for your photos!

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
I ws going to give her the benefit of the doubt because we discussed the issue privately but I guess she is one to like this kind of drama. She just posted asking if someone felt like doing detective work for her. Why? If she wasn't doing anything wrong then none of this should have bothered her. I bet she is looking for the "this group" that I would not reveal to her. I ended up blocking her. My page is completely private to begin with but I blocked her anyway. What I should have done was report her for using her personal page as a business page. Big no no.

I also saw that. I even commented hoping she would "ask" me to help her! lol She has since deleted that message. I have since deleted and blocked her as well.
BUT, I also sell from my personal page. Difference is, I sell MY bows, hats, headbands, and soap. YES! I said soap. All natural Goat Milk SOAP!!!!! (PM me if interested! LOL) I only sell to friends and family! I am not taking on "fans".
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