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Default Re: Check out this FB for your photos!

Originally Posted by mwilkins View Post
There was a thread (the 2nd one I posted) here where the HG member was saying DHgate the manufacturer in China stole pics from her site..maybe a FB or Etsy don't recall which and she was asking what type of action she can take..she is saying the cute little pics of the baby on her belly is her granddaughter and the China manufactuer is now using the pics for advertising to re-make the bloomers she made for her my point is this...the pic of the baby on the fb in ? is from this lady on HG ..and she adamantly stated in her thread about DHgate no one had permission to use the photo...sorry for the rambling...this just sits uneasy w/me...I'm calling BS ...maybe I'm stupid and I sure hope this time I am ...but it looks a little funny to me. that's all
Well it is so hard to trust anybody these days when it comes to photos because of all the stealing once this market got flooded. Everyone wants in but do not want to do the work it takes to keep up. I am going to wait to see what the owners of those photos tell you guys and if they confirm then she was telling the truth....if not: where are those mafia hgs?
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