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Default Re: Please help me :) bling cup :)

Originally Posted by Bottlesandbows View Post
Ok, I count 28 stones from top to bottom. Guestimating about 30 around of course more at to less at bottom. soooo about 840 stones maybe? depending what size stones you use if you pay .06 per stone for 3.9mm stones on firemountain gems it would be about 50.00 if you use 4.8mm at about .08 67.00. I could be way off on my estimation but by the time you figure labor 215.00 isn't so over priced.
no you are probably right, I'm sure that was expensive to make, she says she uses swarofski (spelling?) and those are super spendy. But I think I would be divorced if I spent that much on a travel mug LOL
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