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Default Re: OMG! Somebody Stole my Pics!

Originally Posted by YellowRibbonBoutique View Post
That is horrible....I water mark all of my pictures also.....but I use a layer in photoshop and make it transparent....I try and make sure it is in an obvious place. So sorry you have to deal with this, but I would certainly send her a message.
I did watermark, just not across my photo because I believed it was distracting. She just cropped it out.

Originally Posted by GARandMCR View Post
Thanks! I am livid that this - what ever she is - thinks that she has gotten away with this. I believe in Karma and inducing it a little as well. I just have been incredibly busy. She will get hers.
It still makes me angry, too. She still won't publicly own up to what she did and she is still insinuating to her fans that she did nothing wrong.

I need to let it go though. My peace of mind will come from knowing you can't wrong someone without it coming back on you (believe me, I know from personal experience). She will learn.
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