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Default Re: OMG! Somebody Stole my Pics!

Originally Posted by punkydoodles View Post
I read through this entire thread last night at work (slow night) I'm almost left speechless - this lady has some big cajones!

I'm not a huge bow maker, or anything else for that matter, but I am a professional photographer and have had images stolen more times than I like to remember. It sucks. I've never understood how clients don't see a massive difference - I guess the world is full of many stupid people.

I did learn that I would never, never, ever want to cross one of you guys - filing that away now And I can only wish that one day I could think/speak/write like GARandMCR. Very impressive!!
Thanks! I am livid that this - what ever she is - thinks that she has gotten away with this. I believe in Karma and inducing it a little as well. I just have been incredibly busy. She will get hers.
There is a grave difference between supporting the war effort and those in uniform. If you do not stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

Also, it has been 147+ days since I have seen my DH, so don't expect me to be all rainbows and sunshine when you are being stupid. Oh, let us not forget the glitter.
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