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Originally Posted by angelia91 View Post
When you make your loops these extra pieces will go between the loops. So, to have a piece of double ruffle added you will just take a strip of it, place it behind the loop you make and just wrap your thread around the center of it. Basically your strip should now look like a "V." Imagine the V is your strip of whatever you choose to add to the loopy bow. Then you can take each tip of the V and pull to either side to fluff up the bow when finished.

I hope I helped some!!
that sounds liek a much more secure way of holding the pieces in place than the way i have seen which advocates gluing them in...i have not tried any because i am leary of the pieces being able to be pulled off and do not want to use e6000 that much. i am going to have to try this way now, thanks so much for sharing
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