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Default Re: Please critique my bows!!!

Originally Posted by Morgan:) View Post
Thank you! I will try heat sealing that way. Some of you commented on the striped bow (you are talking about the top layer, right?). I do not do the traditional twist or loop bows, I believe that is what they are called. The back of the lop layer might look a little funny flipped but I will try it tonight. I am excited to see how it turns out!

As for the dreaded pricing... Those who charge more for online orders do you also charge more for custom orders? Right now I am building my stock to start a website/etsy/facebok. I have a lot of ready to ship bows. Do you ladies do a sale price on ready to ship bows?

Okay, I have yet another question for you ladies. Do you charge a delivery fee for drop off/meeting? My customers always ask me to drop off or meet, near their homes, which are usually 10-20 miles from my house. Since gas is 4 plus dollars a gallon right now I lose ALL of my profit with a delivery. I drive a gas guzzling SUV. I am trying to build my business so I don't want to lose customers but I also want to make money.

Thank you all for your answers! I just started using the forum side of this site and I must say...I AM HOOKED!! I love that y'all let me ask these annoying questions!
I do depending on how big and what they want....

For that far out of your way I would.....I usually don't but if delivering is eating up your profit then yes I would..
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