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Default Re: Adventures in korking

I'm glad it's not just me who has does these sorts of things!!!!

I had used the grill to cook dinner (my oven is all in one, oven/grill) and had finished cooking and turned it off. I waited about 15-20 minutes turned the oven on and put in my dowels. Sat down to eat my dinner and got a phone call from our friends in Scotland.

As I was eating and chatting I could smell the korker rods cooking and thought, " Oh they are nearly done" Walked into the kitchen and it was full of smoke. Opened the oven door, and found my dowels and pegs on fire, and the ribbon melted into a puddle on the cookie tray, because even though the oven was on, the grill element was still red hot. Grabbed the tray and put it outside on the porch.

It took about two weeks to get the smell of burnt ribbon and wood out of my house.

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