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Default Adventures in korking

Or 'What NOT to do when korking ribbon' lol.
I don't mind making korker, although I am clearly still learning and hopefully these lessons will lead to better korkers.

Last night I thought I'd lost a dowel rod full of ribbon, but couldn't for the life of me find it anywhere, so I made another one and went on about my evening. I tried to use the woodburner on while the ribbon was still on the dowel, and that really didn't work, and I burned one of my dowels. So, I cut them all by hand, and then use the woodburner to seal the ends. I'm only making a pair of minis and a small one (3"), but that's still a lot of cutting/sealing!

Then I went to make dinner, and the fun really began. I turn the oven back on, obviously to a much higher temp. As I'm standing there, I notice an odd smell...I'm sure many of us have been there. I check in the oven and see a blob smoking on the bottom of the oven and thought that was it, bewildered how a chunk of ribbon melted off and got to the bottom of the oven. I turn it off and we decide it's best to turn off the a/c and open windows in the 90 degree heat. We left to go to dinner since we couldn't use the oven and the entire place reeked of burnt plastic, I'm sure those fumes aren't healthy!

When we got home I discovered my missing dowel rod, it had somehow fallen off the cookie sheet and was melting to the oven rack. And to add to it, this was ribbon I hadn't ordered extra of because I didn't intend to kork it! lol

And the cherry on top? I realized this morning I've been cutting the korker wrong!! I was trying to cut it around the curl with the woodburner, that should have tipped me off. After looking at korkers others have made I realized what I've been doing wrong. Luckily, my customer is my mom, and she will love them anyway, but I feel terrible that I did it wrong, and I don't have time to order new ribbon!

So in future, I will order extra ribbon, I will get a sheet cake pan so my dowels can't fall off, and I will cut across the curl not around. hopefully you all found humor in my story, and I learned a few things!

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