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Red face Re: For those of you who have trouble with twisted bows

Originally Posted by mommyto2divas View Post
Looking good!! When you first go to adjust your loops, just pull them farther apart from one another. Pull the top ones farther up and bottom ones farther down and you should get the results that you want!! Awesome job!!
This tut was amazing! After 5 months, of still trying to master the TBB I do exactly what you said and what I had seen in this tut and all around, but I still can figure out exactly how my loops should be..I can make the perfect bow when I'm just practicing and when it's finished, I can't remember what I did differently because I was not paying attention-that's always how it goes..I've read make to make the X as tall and narrow as possible but then I crease it on the top and exactly in the middle with the needle, I can see that my angles can't match up and I've spent hours readjusting them at a time one tiny tug at a time. I've done every method and thought the the marking/hand folding method but the marks go right out the window. In the tuts that make beautiful and perfect tbb (like this one) the loops look soft, subtle, and not so high..Instead of them looking like a sharp X, they look more like an "m". Does anyone notice the difference and have a preference? Is there really a right or wrong answer depending on the perkiness and style. Also, when I begin to place the first stitch, do I place my need on the highest point of the loops-where they first intersect or a tiny bit lower than that? Maybe that's why I think my "m" or "X" loops are off.. Sorry if that made no sense, I uselly try to help instead of asking to be helped-thus why I can't get my point across easily. Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
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