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Originally Posted by ammperry2 View Post
I was NOT trying to get my post count up sorry it looked like that. I won't post anymore.
It's not that anyone has a problem with you posting, in fact, these ladies encourage new members to participate. The problem is that when you comment on a lot of old threads with "it's pretty" it pushes the new threads to the bottom. I started a thread late night before Easter needing help finishing my DD bows for Easter and got several replies with advice on what to do. If all of these old threads had been pulled up then, mine would have gotten shoved to the back and I may not have gotten the help. Also, A LOT of people come on here and pull up old threads and comment just to get their count up, so when a lot of old threads start popping back up, thats what it looks like. Please look through the old threads because there are a ton of great info in them, but if you have a question, maybe consider PMing the person who started the thread.

Please keep participating. There are some very creative ladies on here that are so willing to help each other out. They were just getting a little frustrated because they couldn't weed through the old posts to get to the current ones.
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