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Originally Posted by jene_b View Post
You could do a 5 petal flower with a 4 petal flower ontop and just get the right color ribbon. Here is how to make a 5 petal and 4 petal flower... (see pattern below)

To experiment with cut about 12 -12 1/2 RW (Rw is your ribbon width: ex 5 RW is the width of your ribbon times 5). Seal ends.

Leave about 1/8" at each end or ribbon when you begin stitching, Divide the ribbon into five lengths by folding to help keep the petal even. Make the petals about 2 -2 1/2 RWs.

Sew a continuous stitch starting at one end of ribbon with a knotted thread (heavy thread, I use floss) and backstitch over the edge to make sure the knot is secure. When you get to the end of one petal at the bottom you will either 1. exit the back and then lift your needle up and over the edge to continue to stitch onthe front or 2. the thread exited the front adn you will then bring you needle down adn under the edge to continue the stitch at the back. I usually start drawing in my petal after each one seems to be easier to me and it lets me check my petal size.

You will then stitch to the end leaving 1/8 " and then start pulling the thread in tightly to form the flower. Backstitch and knot but don't cut your thread.

You will then put your needle through the beginning knot and pull tight closing the flower and you will then backstitch and knot again to complete your flower petals. You can then instert some stamen through the middle to give it the true cherry blossom look.

I will have some time Wednesday to maybe take some step by step pics. But, I drew a picture of what the stitch is suppose to look like. It is in adobe since I scanned it.

I hope this helps.
*****UGH....I did not pay attention to the date on this thread! It is old! Sorry! That is like the 3rd one I have seen like this. I feel stupid for replying.

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