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Default Re: Lighting for photo session at home

Change out the standard bulbs that come with your lamps for a "Bright White" bulb, Your best bet for this is going to be Lowe's / Home Depot, tape a piece of white paper bent into a curve over your cameras flash to diffuse the light Youll need 3 lights if your using lamps and the flash on your camera this will act as a fill to fill in the shadows. The biggest mistake people make is to use standard bulbs that put out that "Orange'ish" color. Place one light on each side of the product and the third above the product. Use a piece of White (this method will only work with white not black, its too much light for black) poster board, curve the board so that you have a bottom and a back from the same piece of poster board (Dont bend it! Curve it, you dont want any hard lines) If your getting shadows try diffusing your two side lights using white paper in front of them, just be mindful of not catching the paper on fire with the hot lights. Hope that helps )
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