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Default Re: Would you be upset?? THANK YOU for your response!

Hi there! I am a professional photographer and can tell you that there is no reason she should be taking that long to do 11 pics. Honestly, there is no reason she should take 8-9 weeks to do 80. I am not sure what she is doing, but the editing process does not take THAT long.

Also, as a photographer she should not have a hard time finding a model...unless she is a hermit. I know when I was starting out I called everyone I knew to "practice". Unless you specifically wanted a super model, she should be able to find SOMEONE in 6 weeks to be her model! I would be really upset, and while you like her work, I would not use her again.

That's my 2 cents.

AND not that I am selling myself but here is my baby who makes a great model This was taken real quick in natural light in my living room on a white sheet.

And here is my website. I live in Phoenix and my workload is very little in the hot summer. If anyone is looking for a photographer I would be glad to help you out!
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