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Question Would you be upset?? THANK YOU for your response!

Please let me know if I'm overreacting. I'll be honest, I am quite annoyed at my photographer right now.

Background story:

A year and half ago I decided to buy my own domain and have an official website for my little bow business. In the midst of setting my website up, I "hired" a photographer to help me take model pics of my products. I say "hire" because, I not only wrote a check out to her but I also let her keep all the products. I sent her almost 80 products, in which she took 80 pics of. That is almost 80 products I let her keep. Her work is great.

Originally we had agreed to do an exchange (she keeps my products, I get her pics) , however, at the very last minute before I packed everything to send....I decided to cut her out a check of $50 to surprise her. I know it's not a lot for professional pics, but in a way I felt bad that her daughter won't be able to use all of the products because it ranges from newborn to older girls. So I decided to pay her anyway. So we had an agreement that she was going to have the pictures ready for me in 8 weeks. Well, 8 weeks passed and I didn't hear from her. I messaged her back and she said that she thought it was going to be 9 weeks. Okay...that's totally fine. Sure we had an agreement, but I do realize it is alot of pics. So I waited. She finally sent all the pics to me a week later. Her pics were great. She cashed my check after she sent me the pics.

Fast forward to almost a year later. I'm about to have my one year anni. I closed my store the past month for a vacation and to update my website. I asked the same photographer to take new model pics of my new products. She told me she wasn't as swamped right now so she could take pics for me, no problem. This was April 8. She agreed but told me to limit to 15 pics this time. I said sure (I wasn't starting a website like this year, so this time won't be as many products for sure). I sent her 11 products this time, exchange for 11 pics. We agreed that I would have my pics on May 22. This time is 6 weeks and 2 days for 11 pics. If it makes any difference, I didn't cut her out a check this time. It was solely based on an exchange of my products for her pics.

Today is May 25 today (3 days late) and I haven't gotten the pics yet or heard from her. One thing I didn't mention before is that she wanted me to post an album on facebook with all the products that she would be receiving prior to me sending them to her. We did this last year too. The album was titled "MAY 22". So on May 23, a day after I was suppose to receive the pics, I tagged her on one of the pics just to remind her subtlety that I haven't received the pics. I was hoping that she would notice the title, MAY 22, and be reminded of the pics without me harping at her about it. Well, today is May 25...and even though I see her active on Facebook, I never received a response from her. So this morning I messaged her with this:

Hi "Amy"! Were you able to get my model pictures done? =) I was looking forward to receiving the pics on May 22, per our agreement. Please let me know when I can expect them. Thank you!

and this is the response I got back 2 hours later.

I have the newborn photos done but have had a hard time getting an adult model. I am pretty sure I have one coming tomorrow for me though, so I will let you know for sure.

TBH, I am disappointed. I was expecting her to say something along the lines of, I'm sorry. I'm glad she has the newborn pics done, but the fact that we agreed that I'd receive the pics by May 22, makes me upset that she didn't email me and let me know about her dilemma, you know? I am upset that *I* had to be the one who contacted her wondering where my pics are, only to find out she had problems getting my pics done in time, you know what I mean? Plus, this is not the first time she hasn't sent pictures to me on the date that we agreed on. Last year was the same too but I chalked it off as, it was too many pics....whatever the case was, she did a great job on the pics. But this time, it was only 11 pics...which we agreed that 6 weeks and 2 days was enough time for her. Yes, I am upset, however, I know this is all how *I'm" perceiving it.

This is the reason why I wanted to ask you if it is just me or would you be upset over this too? Please be honest with me because I want to be fair and I want to know that what I am feeling is right. Its not a good feeling to know that she might be thinking that I'm really annoying for bothering her for my pics, so it's really important to me to know if what I'm feeling is fair or....maybe I'm asking too much? I'm very confused about my feelings right now.

If you've read this far, thank you so much. Please please please be honest with me and let me know how you would feel and what would you do.
Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

eta: Remember how, last year, she thought it was 9 weeks instead of 8 weeks to give me my pics back? Well, I forgot to mention that on last year's facebook album of all the products, the title had the Month and Date too, just like this year's album said MAY 22. So ya, I was annoyed last year but gave her a benefit of a doubt that it was because it was just too many pics. Just wanted to add this bit of info.

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