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Default Re: Another Stolen Picture Thread

No, she is not claiming to make them. She does clearly state that she buys them.

However, she has NEVER bought anything from me and she has taken about every single picture I have on my etsy site and put it on her site.

I am not the only clay center pieces pictures she is using. i will contact the others to let them know.

Here is my letter so far:

I am the shop owner of Green Meadow Clay on etsy. I came across your facebook site and saw that most of my clay center piece pictures are on your page. I understand that you are not claiming to make them yourself, but they are my photos which have been used without my permission.

Generally, I am more than happy to allow customers to use images with my watermark to show their potential customers the choices they have for thier bows. However, you do not have my permission to use my images.

I am asking you to please remove my photos from your site.
Christene S
My etsy shops:
Green Meadow Clay and Green Meadow Designs
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