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Default Re: Another Stolen Picture Thread

Originally Posted by geomom View Post in the heck do I message a business page on facebook??

Where is her business page and her etsy page? Would you mind sharing yours? If you contact her and tell her to take them down and she does then that is good. End of deal. But if she gives you lip and makes up excuses then maybe we can help. She can ruin her reputation by stealing your pics and lying about them. Do you want me to contact her and ask her if she makes these items herself? I will do it or I am sure some of the other girls won't mind asking to see if she is claiming to her customers that she is.

As for contacting a business page there should be a contact tab over to the side. If not leave her a message under your picture and tell her that it belongs to you and you would appreciate it if she took the pictures down.
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